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Welcome to the 2018 publications of the 'Car Whisperer'

We look forward to an exciting year of fascinating, scintillating and ever absorbent reading for you.

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Our sixth issue of The Car Whisperer for 2018! If you missed our last issue or would like to read one of our previous articles, we decided to put most of them together in one place on our website.

If you are keen to see what you may have missed, or just remember seeing an article you were interested in and want to have another read follow this link.

Good Debt v Bad Debt

Considering funding for your business?   Not all money, or debt is the same. Understanding this is critical to small and large businesses alike, particularly in times of growth or renewal.

Don't be Fooled by Fuel

Fuel is one of our biggest expenditures when operating a business that relies on a vehicle.

Getting the right fuel at the right price is important but deciding on the right fuel and how you manage it can be even more important.

An Accountants View 3

The third part to our guest accountants article on Salary Packaging.

Simon Dorevitch of A&A Tax Legal Accounting wrote this article for us about salary packaging.


Salary Packaging Dealerships

Up until last year the only option you had, if you wanted to salary package, was to go to a Salary Packaging company which would cause you to endure many hours on the telephone only to be shuffled from faceless consultant to faceless consultant.... and that was just trying to get a quote!

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Multiple Quotes

A new system developed in association with National Fleet Finance is offering customers technology that allows them to send the one quote request to multiple dealerships.

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