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National Fleet Finance have committed to investing in our Australian community to foster inclusion and diversity in business and the workplace.

Our partnerships reflect our own internal and business policies.

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Inclusion and Diversity


National Fleet Finance is very proud to be an active supporter of DAWN.

DAWN is an organisation that promotes cultural awareness and diversity in business and the community.

Below is a link to the DAWN web site for more information and here are some interesting interviews relating to there projects and goals.

Australia’s cultural diverse population is drawn from more than 300 ancestries and is visible in everyday life. But if one views the leadership circles of many major institutions in our nation, the rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities of representation suddenly disappears.

DAWN is the voice for diversity and inclusion. We aim to connect emerging leaders from culturally diverse backgrounds with senior and executive leaders from mainstream institutions through our online community, face to face events, and workshops in partnerships with corporate Australia and mainstream institutions.

DAWN create genuine and moving experiences in a safe and nurturing environment where emerging leaders can unlock their talent and build the confidence to step up to leadership roles that will help Australia grow and prosper.

DAWN Conversations

Diana Ryall

What’s it like to be a woman with career goals? What do we have to do to become better leaders? How do we challenge stereotypes in the workplace?