Salary Packaging

If you are full time employed you most likely qualify for salary packaging.

If you do salary package your car and its operating costs you will get a tax benefit you are most likely not getting now.

It is very easy to start salary packaging your vehicle, so find out more...

Employee - Private

If you're an employee with a vehicle, or want to get a vehicle, and you do not use your vehicle for any part, or a small part of your employment, then you can salary package.

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If you are an employer you can offer all of your staff an incentive that will cost you nothing and give them more take home pay.

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Employee -Business

If you are an employee using your vehicle for work you may qualify for an even larger tax rebate on your vehicle lease and the operating expenses.

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National Fleet Finance is a salary packaging company with a difference...

♠  We have options like going to one of our accredited car dealerships all around Australia and dealing with an expert face to face (see below)

♣ We have an agent network all around Australia who can visit your place of employment and give you or your boss advice (see below)

♥ Our product is called Salary Saver and it has a new generation hands-on service between supplier and user

♦ We even have a product for small business

What you deserve!

A private consumer can get a commercial advantage from leasing a vehicle in Australia. The only condition is that you are paying tax through your employer.

If you are, then the Australian Tax Office allows you take a percentage of your vehicle payments and running costs off your income before you pay tax. This will reduce your taxable income and give you more take home pay each week.

There is no requirement other than being a PAYG employee but you will need to ask your employer simply to split your pay between your regular account and your vehicle account.

If your employer already provides salary packaging for employees ask them for freedom of choice to choose which salary packager you go with as there is a huge difference in savings sometimes. It is your money so you do have the right to say where it goes.

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Car Dealerships

You can now salary package directly at the car dealership at nearly 200 locations around Australia.

Salary Saver Partners

We have accredited agents all over Australia willing to visit your place of work and explain more about salary packaging