Salary Saver Partners

Salary Saver Partners are our local specialist network who can visit you or your employer to discuss your salary packaging needs. You can contact them through the National Fleet Head Office in Melbourne or direct on their email.



Karine is a principal advisor at National Fleet in Victoria as well as being a qualified lawyer in the state of Victoria. Assisting Karine is Chee Kang (CK) Chin who is an experienced civil and structural engineer accredited with Certificate IV in finance and mortgage broking.

New South Wales


Steven Chilas is National Fleet Sydney, and he is also the principal of Independent Auto & Financial Solutions. He has been a professional corporate manager in the motor industry for more than 20 years, most recently with Mercedes Benz Australia.


Ricky and Wei

Principle advisers at National Fleet Canberra are Ricky and Wei and are both degree qualified professional accountants. They are here to provide local vehicle solutions to suit you, whether you are salaried, self-employed or a business owner.


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