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Car buying secrets - Part One

When you go to buy a car, more than likely you are buying one car every 3-4 years and the sales person you are about to negotiate with with sells 10-20 cars every month. So what do they know that you do not?

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Lease and Buy

Sometimes when you do have a really good product you just have to talk about it, so this one is going to be all about a great new product called 'Lease and Buy'.

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Your Car Buying Checklist

It is not every day that you buy a car unless you are a professional buyer, so the first thing you should do is prepare a checklist of what you are looking for.

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The Cheapest Possible way to buy a car..

Its your money right? So you should choose how it gets paid to you.

It is often said that only the rich get the tax breaks because they can afford to get expensive advice.

Well here is some of that expensive advice and it is FREE.

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