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Our Approach

Our Vision

National Fleet Finance & Insurance is an important player in the motor vehicle finance industry. We not only provide solutions for finance brokers, vehicle dealerships and manufacturers to provide vehicle management and finance tools, we service a large range of customers and associations with finance and vehicle solutions.

Our long term vision is to make the right finance solutions more accessible and available to the customer on the mediums they want to use, providing a faster, more efficient and cost effective result.

Our Story

Our Story

Our business evolved from a need. The vehicle and finance industry needed to be more effective in providing a variety of options to the consumer and in the places the customer could access them. We went through a change ourselves in order to do that. We changed from being a vehicle supplier to being a solutions and systems provider and now we provide solutions to a large sector of the vehicle industry.

That evolution has been a win for our customers and we pass on the benefits and savings direct to members of associations, business and organisations within the community that have the advantage of shopping as a group.

Meet the Team

Although a cast of many across the country we feature different valued team members here from time to time.

Junies Lim

CO- Founder & GM

The boss and head of finance. Banking and finance for 10 years.

Karine Lai

VIC Salary Saver Partner

One of our valued Salary Saver Partners who can visit you or your employer at your place of work.

Steven Chilas

NSW Salary Saver Partner

20 years in the vehicle industry and the last decade as Corporate Manager for Mercedes Benz. Service is his mantra.