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At last, if you are salary packaging or want to know more about salary packaging, there is someone you can talk to face to face

The traditional salary packaging company will provide you with a lease and buy the car for you from a car dealership (and it will be done only on the phone).  Well, now you can go directly to the dealership yourself and they will do the salary packaging for you, and generally pass on the savings to you.

Salary packaging is a finance payment option that can be tied to the vehicles monthly operating costs and paid by your employer on your behalf, partially pre-tax which saves you tax dollars.

The salary packagers all still have to get the car and the servicing from the dealership and usually, that adds dollars to the process.

Now, our car dealership network can do it all for you.

Packaging at the Dealership

Our car dealership network is growing and now we are in four Australian states. Dealing directly with the dealership means that you get your car direct from the supplier at a lower the cost as now there is no middle business fleet management company to deal with.

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Across Australia

We now have dealerships in Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland. Soon we will have a dealer in your region no matter where you are.

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Most employed people are permitted by the ATO to salary package their vehicle. If you do salary package it will most likely save you more than the interest rate will cost you and the vehicle you are buying will end up costing less than the original sale price. You can't get cheaper than that!

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Why Salary Package?

There are numerous reasons why salary packaging, or as it is also known, 'Novated Leasing', is the best way to buy a car. Talking to a National Fleet consultant (traditional style), or one of our accredited and trained dealerships (NEW style), they will help you to understand all of the benefits and provide you with an example of your financial benefit.

The concept of salary packaging is primarily based on providing an automatic tax benefit around your vehicle purchase and usage. The tax benefit is realised each pay cycle rather than at the end of the financial year. It is easy to implement, doesn't cost your employer anything and in most cases is a statutory financial benefit.

The other benefits around managing your vehicle expenses, getting cheaper prices on vehicles, having a fuel card, getting the GST on all costs paid as you use it and so much more, add to the financial benefit.

If you would like to know more, or just want to find your local salary packaging dealership, you can call us now on 1300 NF SAVE (62 7283).


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