Salary Packaging Dealerships

Up until last year the only option you had, if you wanted to salary package, was to go to a Salary Packaging company which would cause you to endure many hours on the telephone only to be shuffled from faceless consultant to faceless consultant.... and that was just trying to get a quote!

Now you Can

At last, if you are salary packaging or want to know more about salary packaging, there is someone you can talk to face to face

The traditional salary packaging company will provide you with a lease and buy the car for you from a car dealership (and it will be done only on the phone).  Well, now you can go directly to the dealership yourself and they will do the salary packaging for you, and generally pass on the savings to you.

Salary packaging is a finance payment option that can be tied to the vehicles monthly operating costs and paid by your employer on your behalf, partially pre-tax which saves you tax dollars.

The salary packagers all still have to get the car and the servicing from the dealership and usually, that adds dollars to the process.

All In One Place

It actually makes so much sense to Salary Package at a car dealership it is quite surprising that it has taken this long for it to happen.

The car always comes from the dealership, the servicing is at the dealership and the specialist knowledge is at the dealership, so why not the ability to package it all for the customer.

Well, it does take special training and it does require very complex systems and of course then there is the management of the lease after purchase.

What has changed to make it all possible is the partnership of salary packager National Fleet Finance with more and more car dealerships and the creation of special purpose tools for the dealership to use.

More Savings

Essentially, this new development has lowered the price of salary packaging. There is now fewer businesses involved in the process and less cost to the customer.

The car dealership passes on the salary packaging discount from the manufacturer and they do not have to pay referrals on vehicle purchase, parts and servicing to salary packaging companies.

On top of that, these dealerships can give you a quote on the spot (instead of you waiting 2-4 days to get a quote) so it is a time saving for you.

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