Multiple Quotes

A new system developed in association with National Fleet Finance is offering customers technology that allows them to send the one quote request to multiple dealerships.

The Savings are Time and Money

It may seem like blatant marketing of a product but when you create a system that makes such an impact on the market you just want to tell everyone.

Using the new Multiple Quote System which has a link below, your quote request automatically shoots out to as many as 30 dealerships in your state (it varies according to how many of the brand you want are in the system but the average is ten per brand).

The system then provides you with the best two, one based on price and the other based on availability (when provided by the dealership).

It can take up to 24 hours but it saves you from contacting multiple dealerships and asking the same questions and going through the whole sales process multiple times.

Multiple Brands in Multiple Locations

The system does automatically send your quote request to dealers that may not be in your area but in many cases, the dealers even in the country and regional zones don't mind bidding and delivering to all regions just to win a few extra deals.

In fact, many country dealerships get a raw deal when the locals go off to the city to buy a car so this system is giving them the opportunity to fight back and win a few deals from the city.


Fleet Saver

This is the latest product developed by National Fleet. It is an offset of the Salary Saver product, purpose built for small to medium business. The product allows small business to manage their fleet of vehicles more efficiently and have no more paper trail or excel spreadsheet.

  • Track and arrange vehicle servicing.
  • Track and manage all associated vehicle costs like insurance, service and maintenance and registration renewal.
  • Provide finance payments on set dates for your entire fleets.
  • Provide fuel purchasing and monitoring usage from each driver.

Provide accounting information on all vehicle operational expenses

  • Allow live tracking for vehicle location and use.
  • Provide live FBT monitoring for accounting purposes.


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