Industry Interesting Facts

This month's October industry report contained some facts we thought you might interesting.

Our first section gives you some insight into vehicle sales comparisons between retail and commercial.

In the second section we look at sales by fuel type (especially interested in electric) and the third is the leaders in each vehicle range (and what the industry sees those ranges as.)

Business Sales Vs Retail Sales

We have broken the market up into two sectors, Passenger and Light Commercial.

Passenger                  October 17               YTD 2017

Private                       36,925                      411,823

Business                    33,566                      423,849

Light Commercial

Private                       5,494                         54,498

Business                  11,642                        109,758

No Government or rental vehicles are included in these figures and overall:

Private                      42,419   (45.9%)       466,321

Business                 45,208  (42.9%)         533,607

*The % is the market share of all sales.

Fuel Type Comparison Sales

For this, we have included Government and rental and called the two categories Private and Non-private, as we think it is important especially when we are talking environment.

Diesel                           October 17                  YTD 2017

Private                          9,955                            110,710

Non-Private                19,621                           199,844


Private                        32,147                           355,674

Non-Private               29,565                            278,416

Electric & Hybrid

Private                            317                                2,832

Non-Private                   749                                 7,678


Interestingly as a side note in all of Australia, the Electric only vehicle sales total 920 for all of 2017 which is .0934% of the vehicle market.

Leader in each Range

The Range is measured by an industry standard size and we have listed just one winner for the month and the YTD in each range.

Micro                            October 17             YTD 2017

Kia Picanto                  250

Kia Picanto                                                    2,749


Hyundai Accent          1,203

Hyundai Accent                                           14,641


Hyundai i30                  3,983

Toyota Corolla                                             31,753


Toyota Camry               2,057

Toyota Camry                                             20,498


Holden Commodore    2,418

Holden Commodore                                 19,612

Upper Large

Holden Caprice                  22

Holden Caprice                                              505

People Movers

KIA Carnival                    493

KIA Carnival                                                4,936


Ford Mustang                629

Ford Mustang                                             8,003

The market leaders in most cases except the Small category were a long way ahead of the rest dominating at least 60-70% of the market. The small car category was closely contested.


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