Christmas @ National Fleet

Xmas everyday @NFFI

Ho Ho or Ho Hum, either way this month and the next is all about Christmas and we want to celebrate it. To do so the boss has given us permission to give everyone Christmas gifts. Yes everyone, just about!

Gifts just for the contact!

Make any online inquiry, or call us with an inquiry on our National FREECALL number and you get an Arbonne gift valued up to $30.

That's up to 30 bucks even if we don't get you a car or finance! Either we are crazy or we are confident of getting you the best deal!

Either way you get something for nothing, just because it is Xmas!

Call now on 1300 NF SAVE (63 7283) OR click on the link and do it online. Read our only conditions below.

More Gifts when you Buy!

Finance your next car before Christmas or buy a car through our Buyers Assist service and get a bonus boot of Xmas presents.

Five Arbonne Xmas presents valued at $300 and a great deal on your car or finance.

We just love Xmas and giving gifts away.

Conditions below.

Arbonne for Xmas

All our wonderful gifts come from the Arbonne range of completely animal and synthetic chemical free products.

Pamper yourself and your family with wonderful gifts that are going to make them feel better and at the same time know the products you are giving will be good for them and the environment.

Xmas .plus presents jpeg

A Few Conditions

  • For us to be able to give you a FREE gift when you call or make an online enquiry we need to have your contact mobile phone number, valid email address and postal address (so we can send you your Xmas gift).
  • There is a limit of one Christmas gift per person, per enquiry, unless you qualify for the 5 extra gifts.
  • Our boss has the sole discretion to decide whether you qualify or if you have already received your one gift.
  • We choose the presents but you can tell us if you want male or female or a mix.
  • To qualify for the 5 extra presents we need an approved finance arrangement, or a signed vehicle order, by the 20th of December 2017 and the gifts will be delivered at the time of settlement of delivery.
  • The gifts are gifts and there is no cash value substitute on any gifts.

Make and Enquiry online...

Why not qualify for at least one gift from us and make an enquiry on finance of a vehicle purchase now.