Womanly Empowerment

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Our Approach

We provide a specialist service for female buyers. We understand that the needs of women may differ slightly and in an industry that is male dominated we provide a level of service to women buyers that delivers equality, respect and understanding.

Arbonne Partnership

As a part of our Female First Fleet Program we have also partnered with Arbonne skin and beauty care products to give a little spoil yourself celebration gift to our female new car buyers.

It is a fabulous natural product that does not use any harmful chemicals and they are all plant based products. It's just another way for us to say well done and enjoy your new car.

One of our first Female First Program buyers was Antonia who took possession of her new Holden Astra R today in Melbourne and was presented her Abonne gift by our Platinum Advantage Team Leader Shane.

Promote and Support

Promote, Support, Connect & Encourage Women & Girls in Trades and Non-Traditional Roles

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." —Michelle Obama



Being new generation women these days, we often need to carry out many different roles in our time poor world. However, most women enjoy SHOPPING! Buying a new car should be enjoyable, so let us give you a wonderful shopping experience when you buy your next car!

Buying a vehicle for your personal or business use is one that can bring you pain or pleasure. Of course, everyone likes getting into a nice new car with all the features of today’s modern vehicles but can you be sure you have made all the right decisions?

Is there a time of the year when it is better to buy a new vehicle to get a better price? 

Most definitely, the vehicle industry is seasonal and there are sometimes better times for some vehicles than others. If you think of June as an example, it is like buying presents just before Xmas. The industry gears itself up for the fact that most small business will be itching to spend some tax dollars or take advantage of a particular tax incentive, so they expect to sell more cars. Is it the best time to buy? It is convenient to the buyer but we don’t think that the dealers are in the discount mood when they are going to sell plenty of cars anyway.

Which finance product suits you better?

This is as equally as important as choosing the right vehicle. The end decision of where and how to finance can mean many thousands of dollars, and can also have a huge bearing on what you can or cannot claim as a small business. Even the PAYG employee can get a tax advantage by financing the best way.

We have a team of accredited professionals here to check your finance options, compare payments and give advice on your ability to claim vehicle expenses and potential tax savings.