Car Facts for October


Below are some interesting facts in this months report  that we think will interest car buyers and sellers.

This months car fact report is looking at where do our cars come from?

What country was that car from?

We get asked all the time what country does this car come from so here are just some interesting statistics based on the car sales in Australia in October and for 2017 so far (this is based on what is called country of origin)

Total sales imported :

October: 90,634  2017: 910,598


Total sales from local production:

October: 5,129  2017: 48,923 (5.37% of total sales)


Breakdown of origin (only the largest):

Japan: 27.062 (29.85%)

Thailand: 22,826 (25.18%)

Korea: 15,395 (16.98%)

Germany: 7,309

USA: 3,713

England: 2,765

Spain: 1,272

The rest are insignificant and these numbers are pretty reflective of the the last few years and the reason that our own industry just could not compete with the local demand (you) wanting cars from other countries.

Not surprising that 72% of the total imported came from the three big Asian manufacturing bases.



How were sales in your state?

If car sales are one of the economic thermometers than lets have a look at the condition of where you live.

State sales october