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Professional women face a gamut of challenges every day and one challenge should not be contending with car sales and finance people who do not understand your needs.

Women work in all professions these days and their needs in vehicle and finance are not all the same but there can be additional considerations that have a similar demand, such as family.

Women in the Workforce

Women are beginning to reach the top levels of management.

In 2015–2016, women accounted for:

  • 40.8% of other (i.e., non-senior) managers
  • 34.1% of senior managers
  • 30.1% of other executives/general managers
  • 28.5% of key management personnel12
  • 16.3% of CEOs/Heads of Business

Unfortunately, overall, women managers (except CEOs) made AUD$53,081 less than their male counterparts in total remuneration, which included full-time annual salary and bonuses.


Women are buying more cars than ever, according to study after study, and whether they’re buying for themselves or for a household, there are decisions that must be made. In fact, we’re a little envious of women who are currently shopping for a luxury car—there are tons of great options out there, even if sorting through them takes some effort. We know that no two women—or two cars, for that matter—are the same, but we’ve identified some characteristics that make certain vehicles more suited to the fairer sex.

As professional and working women, we are women with many talents and who wear multiple hats each day. We love to be dressed nice and sexy, wear nice shoes, nice make up, carry nice handbags why not drive a car which will up lift our profile too?

Being a new generation of career women these days, we often need to carry out many different roles in our time-poor world. However, most women enjoy SHOPPING! Buying a new car should be enjoyable, so let us give you a wonderful shopping experience when you buy your next car!

Buying a vehicle for your personal or business use is one that can bring you pain or pleasure. Buying assist services that accent towards female buyers can take all the pain and wonder out of the process. Of course, everyone likes getting into a nice new car with all the features of today’s modern vehicles, so why not use a process whereby the experience is just as wonderful?.

Is there a good time?

Most definitely, the vehicle industry is seasonal and there are sometimes better times for some vehicles than others.

If you think of June as an example, it is like buying presents just before Xmas. The industry gears itself up to the fact that most small business will be itching to spend some tax dollars or take advantage of a particular tax incentive, so they expect to sell more cars.

Is it the best time to buy? It is convenient to the buyer but we don’t think that the dealers are in the discount mood when they are going to sell plenty of cars anyway.

Offseason for anything is a cheap season so do your research or ask an expert when is the season for selling low and that is a good time to buy.

Getting Advice

Customers looking for their private vehicles need to get an honest assessment based on their needs, this is very important. There can be huge differences in price on vehicles that have exactly the same features.

You will not get an unbiased opinion from a branded dealer, he has to sell what he has, even though most often it is good as he will point out.

But to compare whats on offer, you need an independent adviser. That's where someone like National Fleet can be valuable. You can rely on us to give you an honest appraisal of all vehicles you are considering based on your needs.

We like to spend time with you and really assess your needs and budget - not only save you money on the purchase, but also on the quality, features, safety, and financials of your new car.

We assess vehicles for business every day and we see the huge running cost differences between cars that the normal vehicle consumer would not necessarily be aware of. This is as equally as important as choosing the right vehicle.

The end decision of where and how to finance can mean many thousands of dollars, and can also have a huge bearing on what you can or cannot claim as a small business.

Even the PAYG employee can get a tax advantage by financing the best way.

Female First Finance team will assist and provide you with a tailored finance solutions with maximum tax benefits.

Good service and product providers will work with you and give you advice how to do it. You can then listen and act...and be happy you have had a team on your side that is working in your best interest.

As a female car buyer, you have more power than you think.

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Specialist Service

We provide a specialist service for women:

  • Buyers Assist 
  • Female finance consultants
  • Specialist family buyers consultant
  • Delivery of new vehicle to you
  • Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging

If you are an employee this is the cheapest possible way to buy a car.

It is also a fantastic way to keep your budgets in check with your income.

No more worrying about vehicle expenses.

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