The Future of Holden and HSV


VIDEO: Special on HSV made by Top Gear Australia. Goodif you haven't seen it before and will now be a collectors item in our opinion.

The Whisperer has heard that a certain American muscle car will be the new modified super car and will be on sale Exclusively through HSV dealerships.

Watch this space for more updates but it sounds exciting.

Don't tell anyone we told you.

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The Future for Holden

There is no question whether we will still be buying Holden's in Australia. We will!  Most Holden's were all made offshore at any rate and the commodores which were assembled here will be put together in Europe.

The big mystery moving forward surrounds what cars HSV will actually modify for local customers.

HSV managing director Phil Harding confirmed the performance arm’s intentions to continue producing modified vehicles while speaking with Fairfax Media, just hours after Holden revealed it would be closing manufacturing operations.