2018 Mercedes Benz A-Class Hatch

After 15 years of A Class, the third development of the series has hit the nail on the head and produced a lower, sleeker, more aerodynamically finished hatch that will be a definite and strong competitor to the Audi A3 and the BMW 1-Series.

Feels Like Luxury

It’s a good looking design, with a lot going on, including rising swage lines, bonnet creases, LED clusters. It’s especially head-turning with optional big wheels, black glossy bits, pointy ‘Sport’ grille and huge sunroof. It’s a complete facelift, note, but they are pretty subtle changes. 

Beneath the cover is a fresh front-drive chassis, a broad engine line-up and, says Mercedes, availability of extras you normally only find on a C-Class and E-Class. You can turn your A-Class into a futuristic high-tech model the more you spend but at least it has the versatility.

The A-Class feels brilliantly solid and expensive (which it should and what you love in a European luxury car) but it’s not bulky, just superbly built and cosseting. You’re isolated from the outside world to an astonishing degree. Road and wind noise are near non-existent, the A-Class hushing along like a far bigger, pricier machine.

Great Drive


The bumps are absorbed and the drive is lavish, as we say, just like a Merc. With the multi-link rear suspension and quick, accurate steering, the A-Class is a nicely balanced feel to it on the open road and even around the city.

The dash is good, blending sporty AMG features with the elegance of the bigger more expensive models. Wavy surfaces, lots of soft-touch plastics and enough soft leather to make it classy. 

This is an entry-level Mercedes like no other before it (they lost the class in trying to lower the price) and perfect around town car for both the young family and the executive lifestyle.

You will look and feel successful in this new model and isn’t that what it is all about?


MB A class 2

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