Isuzu Ute Celebrates Growth

Isuzu 4x4_sx_crew-cab_titanium-silver

Working for businesses over the last five years that have been serving the building industry for their vehicles, I have come across many different opinions about ‘the best ute’ but there has been one that has stood out in the consistency of positive feedback and that is the Isuzu Ute.

The Isuzu Ute division of Australia was launched in Australia by a small team of very dedicated car professionals in 2008 and since then they have grown to a two model brand here in Australia which includes their MU-X SUV, which also now the sixth best-selling SUV in the country.

Back then in 2008, I remember the modest targets the team was telling me they wanted to achieve over the next ten years and they were very proud that they did sell 3,573 units of the ute in 2009. That has now grown to 25,804 cars in 2017 a multiple of more than seven in ten years. That’s a good result for any business but why is it going so good?

Isuzu Ute Australia’s Managing Director, Hiro Kuramoto puts it down to referrals and loyalty and I would agree with that if you talk to the buyers, which I do.

You get a range of complaints when you talk to tradies about every other ute along with the many good things, but the Isuzu Ute is generally all good things. The harshest criticism I have heard is that it is more ‘truckie’, but that’s hardly surprising since Isuzu Ute came from a traditional truck building company.

So it drives a little bit more like a truck than some of its high-end competitors but then again it feels as strong and reliable as a truck and the look, well it’s chunky and your average punter seems to like that too.

Price-wise it also beats most of those big-end competitors and I never hear about breakdowns, mechanical issues or bad service, so Isuzu has to be doing something right.

Check out the new range of Isuzu Utes and MU-X SUV’s today and you will be pleasantly impressed, or call National Fleet now for a quote and compare it to what you have on the other utes you are looking at.