Horses or Cars?

Cars and Our Spring Carnival

As I said it seemed a bit of a stretch to write an article about Spring Carnival in Melbourne and somehow link it to cars, so here goes. And yes that is a picture of this years bird cage and yes it is a boat not a car. I couldn't find a marquee that looked like a car.

The other picture? The boss said to include girls, beer and hats!


Of course going to the races during Melbourne's Spring Carnival you will always see allot of nice cars but cars also have a history of participating, especially manufacturers, BMW and Chrysler to name just two.  This year Lexus stood out because they have a marquee in the famous Bird Cage that could be on the nose.

I don't mean they will pick all the winners or that they will smell bad, just the opposite actually. They have their very own fragrance specialist. He will  will take appointments with guests inside the marquee, ask them a few questions about their tastes and lifestyles and will then determine their most suited scents.

Is this something Lexus are planning to do with their cars in the future? Jump in and adjust the fragrance in your car to suit you. If so there will be a few people I know I will not be travelling to the races with in their Lexus.

AAMI Victoria Derby

I know its a stretch but it is car insurance. I would say the second most important race for the Flemington Carnival is the AAMI Victoria Derby and one of the best and AAMI have been a long time sponsor. Maybe the omen tip of AAMI Derby Day might be Race 8 number 12 All Our Roads?

And who will win the Melbourne Cup?

Nothing to do with cars but I am positive he gets there in a truck but the picture off to the side should give you a hint as to the winner. Question is whether it is Almandin, the Jockey Kerrin McKevoy or just number 17? You will have to decide that but don't let me say I told you so next week.