The 2018 Ford Ranger Utility

We decided this newsletter to do a commercial vehicle for our car review and we decided to pick the one we are asked about most.

If you read any of our articles on vehicles you know we love statistics. There are all sorts of statistics about vehicles but what we are going to do for our review of the Ford Ranger is point out some of the ones we love.

The 2018 Ford Ranger Utility

Our statistics that you may be interested to know:

  • Ford Ranger is not only Fords largest selling vehicle it is more than 50%of their entire sales in Australia.
  • Ford Ranger is the second highest selling CAR in Australia behind the Toyota Hilux (not just utility).
  • In fact in the 4x4 versions of Ranger have outsold Toyota Hilux 4x4 versions this year.
  • Under normal pricing, the VW Amarok is the only utility that is more expensive (variation comparing)
  • Last month we saw Ford Ranger lower specs in 4x4 going out the door for under $40,000 which is really something.
  • It was Ford Australia’s engineers that created the Ranger for the rest of the world.
  • The Ranger is now built in Thailand.
  • The payload for the XLT model is 1095kg with a GVM of 3.2 T and a tub that measures 1,549mm and a 1,330 mm wide tailgate.
  • The 3.2 lt Diesel has a torque of 470Nm which is 30Nm less than Holden Colorado.
  • The 80L tank is supposed to give you 900km travel distance.
  • Servicing should be $400, $560 and $500 for the first three services in that order under the capped price service plan.

Our Summary

Well, apart from the statistics and its popularity I can say it is a good smooth suburban driving car that has its suspension properly designed and built for Australian roads.

From the family and safety aspect, the Ranger is wider than a Triton, the VW is wider still to offer more shoulder room and baby carrier room. The Ford also has fold-up grab handles that don’t hit your forehead like the fixed ones in a HiLux do.

Child-seat attachments, including ones that meet ISOFIX standards, are fitted with a 5-star ANCAP score and there are rear-side airbags – so all in all not a bad family car to boot.

All in all for us, if you don’t mind all the overwhelming plastic interior fittings, then it is a great looking vehicle with a good ride and if you can pick it up at the discounted price there is no wonder it is such a huge seller.


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