Family Vehicle Part One

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Are you finding it difficult deciding what car will best suit you and your growing family?

  • Do you need advice on safety features critical to your family’s safety?
  • Is saving money and tax while effectively financing your vehicle important to you?

Whether it’s heading to sports practice or off on a road trip with your family, we have solutions and will provide you with information.

Performance, space and safety are imperative in a family car. The minute your family members are on board, safety becomes one of many concerns but is an absolute top priority for any vehicle you carry them in.

It becomes a little more difficult buying a family car as opposed to buying a car for yourself. There are more people to consider, and a lot more essential features you should consider.

Top 6 Important Features

  1. Airbags

Your family car has to have airbags to protect all of your precious cargo. That would include side airbags as well. Airbags help to greatly reduce the threat of injury when in a collision.

  1. Third Row Seating and wide seating in the rear

As families grow, your vehicle needs more space. Third row seating allows everyone to be comfortable while traveling. For a three child seater family then the extra wide seat is a must.

  1. Sunshade

Built-in shades are great to keep little ones, or big ones, in the back seat nice and comfortable while the sun beats down on the vehicle. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, when you attempt to fit your vehicle with after-market shades you will appreciate that yours came with it.

  1. Storage

Once kids are involved, your storage requirements for a vehicle move above being a stylish way of getting around town to something that can play a key role in the constant logistical struggle that is raising a family.

Whether it’s room for buggies and prams, or plenty of storage for school bags and sports kits when you’re on the move, you’re going to need a lot of extra space for all stages of your family’s growth. Keep an eye out for flexible options such as flat-folding seat rows which can be a godsend when you’re multi-tasking.

Having items randomly strewn through your vehicle is a recipe for trouble when little hands are involved – ideally, you want as much as possible neatly tucked away in either the boot or various strategically placed built-in bins and cubbies. Accessories such as cargo barriers and roof racks can also give you more options to play with when it comes to maximising your use of available space.

  1. Anti-Lock Brakes and auto brakes

Cars with anti-lock brakes are much safer. When you have to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident, you do not want the brakes locking up. Auto breaking is now a reality of later versions and is a virtual must when little distractions can sometimes mean you take your eyes off the road for a second, even and especially at lower speeds.

  1. Isofix Child Seats

The appalling number of child restraints that are incorrectly fitted is estimated to be more than 80 per cent at present.

The other thing you immediately appreciate is just how incredibly rigid the ISOFIX seat system feels by comparison, with virtually no lateral movement compared to the older seatbelt-fitted design.

Some Brief Reviews

Ford Everest

The Ford Everest large SUV has been designed to take your family anywhere. Built with 7 seats, loads of storage space, smart technologies inside and out, big SUV performance and a 3,000 kg towing capacity, the Ford Everest is the perfect large family SUV.

Mazda CX-5

Mazda's mid size SUV is perfect for the smaller family with all the safety features of 5 star ANCAP rating and more.

Its interior dimensions have grown, with an additional 39 litres more luggage capacity at 442 Lt of boot space with the seats up and 1342 litres (VDA) down. The 40/20/40 split/fold seat backs can be dropped via levers, with a clever inset lever dropping just the centre section if required.

Storage is plentiful, with a deep centre console bin, large device tray, bottle storage in all four doors, two-cup holders up front and two in the rear centre armrest (on every model except for the Maxx).

Honda CR-V

Available with 5 or 7 seats, there’s space for everyone - there’s room for the even heaviest of packers too. Featuring a 140kW VTEC Turbo engine with Earth Dreams technology, CR-V has the power and efficiency to fuel all of your adventures. And because every adventure needs an awesome soundtrack, with Apple CarPlay®3 and Android Auto®4 your favourite music apps, are at your fingertips.

Family life is an ever-changing adventure. That’s why the all-new CR-V is ready for anything.

Our Future Articles

Over the coming weeks we will take these vehicle and more apart one by one and test and examine their family friendliness.

In the meantime if you have questions talk to one of the car experts at National Fleet Finance.

Mazda CX-5
Mazda CX-5