Driverless Cars? Myth or….

If you believe everything you read then the driving instructor is one profession doomed to extinction.

The Growth Factor

I read an article just today that said that globally we will produce 138,089 units of driverless cars (autonomous cars) by 2024 (that would be per year I am guessing). Well since I also read that in 2010 we had one billion vehicles on our worlds roads that would be I guess at best a takeover figure of .014% per year and at that rate 100 years to reach 1% of the world's traffic.

Okay, having worked that out how fast will it take Australia to connect? Well, considering that in Melbourne we have been struggling to put a railway to the airport for over twenty years now and we have something called a hook turn that I bet no-one told the inventors about, I am guessing twice as long as the rest of the world.

The Benefits

But seriously, I know the tech heads and futurists are all a lather about the very thought of us all never having to drive again, but apart from getting to work without waking up what is the point?

Fewer accidents? Perhaps, if and when every single car doesn’t have a human factor to f… up.

Better for the environment? Well since all of Australia’s sales in electric and hybrid cars, including government, taxis and rental only add up to .0934% of vehicles sold this year and electric has been around now at least ten years, I would say our environment is not going to benefit too much.

Cost less? I don’t think so. If electric cars have taught us anything, electricity and new technology are damned expensive, and who has even mentioned the specialist servicing and the roadside infrastructure. We can’t even get speed cameras to work without technical faults so I can’t wait to see ten vehicles all heading for the same intersection with robots behind the wheel and one decides to get a virus.

There is one individual in my house who is looking forward to it, my dog. He loves getting behind the wheel even when I am driving, so he is just going to have a ball when that seat is free for him to sit there.


Summing Up

Perhaps on reflection, you don’t have to worry if you are a driving instructor in Australia. I am betting you will have plenty more looneys to let loose on our roads for a long time to come yet. Oh yeah, and Paul from ‘Top Gear Australia’ fame, who told me he would be out of a job in ten years, my bet is your safe mate. The only driverless cars you will be testing will be on a few special freeways and maybe on the grounds of some of our Universities (they get excited by this sort of thing) and possibly the retirement village we are both in at that time.

Personally, I think we should go back to the dream of flying cars like in the Jetsons. To me, that made a lot of sense and still does.

flying 3

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