Vehicle Sales Results 2018

We have now completed the first quarter of the year and the new vehicle sales results are out. Here some of the more noticeable changes in the industry, though some you will have expected.

YTD Sales in Australia


Up 4.4% on 2017 to 291,538

All states have positive growth except for NSW (-2.6%), TAS (-2.2%) and SA (-.9%)

The strongest growth state was NT (12.8%)

In passenger vehicles the SUV was still the strongest growth at 10.9%

Some of the Biggest Brand winners and losers:

Holden: -22.8% to 15,524 units

Honda: +54.8% to 15,129 units

Hyundai: +5.2% to 23,568 units

Isuzu Ute: +31.9% to 5,928 units

Kia: +10.9% to 14,279 units

Mazda: -2.3% to 29,749 units

Mitsubishi: +15.2% to 21,215 units

Nissan: +4.7% to 15,761 units

Subaru: +4.6% to 13,349 units

Toyota: +8.1% to 52,465 units

Ford: -.2% to 18,391 units


Hybrid vehicles:

YTD sales in the private sector are up 301 units or 69.6%

YTD in the non-private sector are down 174 units or -8.4%


Some of the biggest selling increase by vehicle type:

Holden Astra: +77.7% to 2,727 units

Honda Civic: +67.3% to 4,166 units

VW Golf: +20.2% to 4,885 units

Kia Carnival: +24.7% to 1,483 units

Kia Picanto: +43.5% to 1,184 units

Honda Jazz: +24.1% to 2,280 units

Hyundai Accent: +16.3% to 4,430 units

Kia Rio: +28.1% to 1,674 units

Suzuki Swift: +90.1% to 2,135 units

Mercedes Benz A-Class: +34.6% to 1,547 units

Toyota C-HR: +193.8% to 2,124 units

Ford Escape: +31.1% to 1,382 units

Honda CRV: +183.8% to 4,538 units

Nissan X-Trail: +15% to 5,794 units

Mazda CX-5: +10.6% to 6,604 units

Mitsubishi Outlander: +26.9% to 3,995 units

Toyota RAV4: +11.8% to 5,573 units

Audi Q5: +78.3% to 1,173 units

BMW X3: +74.4% to 1,498 units

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class: +50.6% to 1,209 units

Ford Everest: +57.7% to 1,400 units

Isuzu Ute MU-X: +28.6% to 1,976 units

Toyota Kluger: +41.6% to 3,461 units

Toyota Prado: +10.7% to 4,169 units

Isuzu ute D-Max 4x2: +61.5% to 1,190 units

Toyota Hilux 4x2: +13.9% to 3,273

Ford Ranger 4x4: +17.9% to 9,457 units

Isuzu ute D-Max 4x4: +24.4% to 2,762 units

Mitsubishi Triton 4x4: +13% to 5,735 units

Nissan Navara 4x4: +28.7% to 4,043 units

Toyota Hilux 4x4: +25.5% to 9,361 units

Toyota Landcruiser PU/CC: +19.4% to 2,157 units


Country of Build

Finally, our last fact for this first quarter is the sad but expected fact that vehicle production in Australia has dropped 75.5% YTD compared to last year, with us producing 3,214 of the 291,538 vehicles sold.

China was up 64% to 1,727 units and Japan, our largest importer was up 8.6% to 89,614 units.

The evidence of import numbers suggests to us that the wages factor in Australia which is so often blamed for the loss of manufacturing industries, is not the key factor in the vehicle industry, with reasonably high wage countries like Japan, Korea, and Germany imports all on the up.

We would suggest that other factors like distance to market, local volume consumed and technology expenditure was much more likely for the almost complete withdrawal of vehicle manufacturers from Australia. We would even suggest the reason we lost our vehicle manufacturing industry was the failure of governments to identify the true reasons behind the cost of manufacturing in Australia and in failing to do so the plowing of billions of taxpayer dollars into the wrong pockets.










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